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10 thoughts on “16 Affordable Place To Travel If You Are Broke”

  1. Wide Range says:

    It’s pronounced Med-a-yeen

  2. LoveDaMemes 08 says:

    I don’t think it’s nice to say if your broke I think I would say one budget

  3. Diana Dzifa says:

    I realy want to travel, but am broke.😢😢😢😭who will send me an invite to their country?

  4. Bayu NZ says:

    I live in NZ, believe me, living Auckland is NOT cheap, it’s the opposite..😰. Nevertheless, it’s a good place to visit though.

  5. givememore4free says:

    Still sounds really expensive

  6. Tenzin Pema says:

    Why would I travel, if I were broke?

  7. Tahir Muhammad says:

    http://bit.ly/2Y2XPPA @=====>TRAVEL TO EUROPE UNDER £99 <=====@

  8. Mr.A says:

    you wrong about marrakech i just came from there and its not cheap belive me buddy

  9. Chichi the wolfie! says:

    7:00 LMAOOO

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