Best Wizarding World of Harry Potter Photo Spots | Universal Studios Orlando

Rix Top Six Best Photo Spots in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando

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In today’s video we visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Orlando. More commonly know as Harry Potter World. Hello everyone, we are back at another theme park and back for another one of “Rix Top Six, Party Time Excellent”Today we are going into Wizarding World of Harry Potter to show you the top 6 photo spots in Hogsmeade. Okay now that we are all set with the clicking of button and bells, look who I have with me today…Nikki!
So there are three things Nikki loves…reading, painting and photography. So what advise can you give to those visiting Hogsmeade and wanting take some good pictures.Be patient with the crowds, Pay attention to lighting, And it’s okay to ask someone to take a picture of you for you. that last point is very interesting because, Hogsmeade does NOT have any photopass photographers roaming to take pictures of you. Do you know why that is? However, there is ONE WAY little trick Universal has to sidestepped this rule about not have photopass photographers in Hogsmeade, you’ll learn what this trick is when we reach item #1 on this list. But that’s going to have to wait because we start this little count down of ours with item #6 ITEM 6: Wand spot with wand…… Now there was a little disagreement between Nikki and I about what item #6 should be, we went with hers but just for kicks lets show you what I thought should be #6…Sirius Black Sign. ITEM 5: Hogsmeade Train Station. ITEM 4: Entrance to Hogsmeade
Halftime Break: So that was the first half of our list of best photo spots in Hogsmeade, now let’s take a little halftime break and hide one of Nikki’s Etsy creations. We’ll leave a clue on the facebook group UO Rocks but the item we are going to hide today is not a rock, what do you have going on here Nikki? So if you are interested in any of Nikki’s hand painted products (Harry Potter, Disney, Universal characters) go check out our Esty shop.
Hope you enjoyed the highlights of one of the shows they do here in Hogsmeade but now back to the count down. Number 3: Butter beer cart. Number 2: Howarts Express. Before we get to Item #1 on today’s countdown of best photo spots in Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I have a very special shutout to very special Gryffindor. Yesterday I meet Noa visiting from the Netherlands via the Give the Kids the World Village. And I’ll leave links to that organization below. It’s a wonderful nonprofit resort in Central Florida that provides weeklong, cost-free vacations to children with critical illnesses and their families. Please check out the link to this outstanding organization after this video. But it was my pleasure to meet Noa yesterday, she is the perfect example of a true Gryffindor with all the Gryfindor traits of courage, bravery and determination. Thank you so much to her parents Edwin and Brenda for inviting me out to meet their lovely daughter, Noa.
Number 1 on today’s countdown, the best photo spot in the wizarding world of harry potter, Hogwarts Castle. it’s on the bridge and the it’s not technically in Hogsmeade so you can get a photopass photograph from here. So that’s our list of best photo spots in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at least for Hogsmeade.

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17 thoughts on “Best Wizarding World of Harry Potter Photo Spots | Universal Studios Orlando”

  1. Rix Flix says:

    Here’s our Etsy shop:
    Buy us a cup of coffee on our Ko-fi page:

    1. Alexis Edgar says:

      How often do you put magnets around Hogsmeade. Also is it just Hogsmeade you put them by or also Diagon Ally? Both or just one.

    2. Larry & Aimee Vignola says:

      Great Vid! Missed you Nikki!!!

  2. Kayla C says:

    I love this one!! Especially the butterbeer cart. Definitely need a top six of London/ Diagon Alley! 🙂

    1. Rix Flix says:

      Thank you Kayla

  3. E J says:

    I think they should have someone dressed up as Rita Skeeter to be a photo-pass photographer!

  4. Ken Salaman says:

    Rix….oh man…..your worst your WORST. I subscribed to you cuz I worked there….you/good angle/fresh/fun. but now…pushed….too happy, too smiley…think about having her do the patter and you are the expert. She tells us about the place, you fill in the FUN history and background. we have a business in the future. (I’ve never done this before)

  5. Theresa Bice says:

    I’ve just recently found your videos on You Tube and honestly I can’t stop watching them. We are planning a trip to Disney in December and dedicating one day to Hogmeade and London. We are devout Disney people but honestly, I love Harry Potter so much and can’t wait to get there. Hope you keep hiding those rocks!

    1. Rix Flix says:

      Welcome to the channel, you’re now a Flixster!

  6. Rebecca Plunkett says:

    I loved this video!! My nieces name is Noa and I’ve never met another girl named Noa! So sweet!!

    1. Rix Flix says:

      Aw, that’s cool. First time I’ve meet a girl with that name, cool spelling for that name for a girl.

  7. Ian Baldwin says:

    Great and classic photo spots. Excellent job guy’s, some great ideas to make some good memories.

    1. Rix Flix says:

      Thanks Ian, still need to do this with Diagon Alley.

  8. Ian Passey says:

    We had the pleasure of quickly saying hello to you on this day. We always watch your your videos so it was great to shake your hand and say hello. We are from the UK and were on our 2 week break at this wonderful place.

  9. Ant Hernandez says:

    I have a question what can you do to replace a Annual Pass at universal studios when I lost it

    1. Rix Flix says:

      We lost passes before…just go to the guest services window, make sure you have your ID

  10. Nelsonbat 007 says:

    What up rix flix

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