Crazy things about Fiancee Visa: USA, UK and Australia

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10 thoughts on “Crazy things about Fiancee Visa: USA, UK and Australia”

  1. Tony Cust says:

    Thanks Olga! I too wonder what all that money is for to Australian government – and I believe it can go MUCH higher than that; certainly put an end to my dream.

  2. michael lee says:

    It says online that most USA visas for UKR is $160 to $190, which is a bargain= imho. That means including an airplane ticket for her it would be about $1,000 (+/-) if it`s booked 7 days to 3 weeks in advance.( You know, i just noticed on google, that`s actually round trip/both ways, to and from USA) So if she hypothetically was happy and plans on staying, theoretically it should be far less than $1,000 to fly to Chicago O`Hare Intl. from Kiev including visa cost. **Where did you get the $1,000+ USA visa itself >>figure from?? }}** In fact i just googled tickets. For thrills i chose June 7th, which is only 3 days away. The special is on a Turkish airline for $496 including taxes> one way to Chicago. Says 15h 15m duration . Flight time 13h 30m. Kiev to Istanbul. Land for 1h 45m. (( LOL= Hopefully they fill up the fuel tanks before crossing the Atlantic)) Then takeoff/liftoff again, Istanbul to Chicago. Google says Istanbul to Chicago is 5,473 miles or about 8,827km. Also shows $642, Kiev to Warsaw to Chicago 12h 45m duration.Theirs other flights for $1,700+ and $2,500+ that are 28 to 40 hour duration, meaning crazy long layovers.

  3. john doe says:

    USA, UK and Australia is a piece of cake. try to get a Fiancee Visa in Israel, oh that’s a 5 till 6 years story, till a full residential recognition.

  4. Dave Barnes says:

    Thank you Olga for covering crazy Australia. 😂 We’re often overlooked partly because of the difficulty and cost in obtaining a Spousal Visa.

  5. ToxicVaccines ToxicFluoride, HIV HOAX says:

    Very informative video! 👍👍❤

  6. Brian Chernecki says:

    One detail Olga. In the US the woman cannot apply for k-1 visa. The citizen must apply for her to come. If she wants to visit as tourist, then she applies to consulate for that visa type.

    1. Olga Reznikova says:

      Yes, true!

  7. WS A says:

    Great to see you again. 😊

  8. David Rusterholz says:

    HI Reznikova, what are your thoughts on Canada!

  9. 1/2human 1/2xtraterrestial says:

    Nice to see you again,I hope to visit Ukraine soon.

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