An introduction to the new online visa process

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16 thoughts on “How to apply for a U.S. nonimmigrant visa in the UK”

  1. Maciej Zaremba says:

    Why don’t you post link


  2. Synix says:

    This is so confusing….

    1. Alexandra Zahiu says:

      true, the system is so old fashioned, level up pleaseee!! :))) Millenials keep it simple

  3. WIKKI says:

    I’m Polish but I live in england, what visa should I apply for?

  4. chana100red says:

    what is damn link???

  5. Dee Rai says:

    so, i will not be able to take my mobile phone? that is strange, surely they have some sort of a storage facility ??

  6. leah Knight says:

    i have heard you dnt need a visa if your a uk to usa

  7. Lorien Roberts says:

    Can anyone find the specific link to this website? Could they send a link? All the ones I find look different. Much appreciated!

    1. Jack Playle says:

      here it is. If it doesnt work, try manually typing it in instead of copying the link, it doesnt let people click a link on another site to it for security reasons, if that makes sense https://ceac.state.gov/GenNIV/Default.aspx

  8. yvette albrecht says:

    This video, ran through the procedure far too fast. The voice over hardly paused for breath. Video needs to be far slower, clearer and typeface far larger. Awful!

  9. Valerios Siroky says:

    i cant even find the specific website on this video, if someone has a link could you please post it. thanks in advance.

    1. Haris Bwz says:

      same here

    2. Charlotte Hannah says:


  10. Joe Biden says:


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