Maria Laroco– Not visa USA : Simon Cowell – X Factor UK not X Factor US | SO BIG WRONG 2018!
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8 thoughts on “Maria Laroco — Not visa USA : Simon Cowell – X Factor UK not X Factor US | SO BIG WRONG 2018!”

  1. Kambal karibal Ako says:

    Simon is soooo unfair where can I find the X factor UK that held in America it’s unfair indeed. Once there is no Filipino will join X factor in UK no Filipino will watch there show mark my word!

  2. Emelio Benigla says:


  3. Lawrence Serrano says:

    She deserve to be part of live show….. But simon make a decision which is not fair to maria laroco…. Coz this is not a US xfactor..and why simon goes to US is not the fact that he is the producer he can make dcsyon with his own…. Lol

  4. Syl B says:

    Inalis na nila tapos palagi panf pinag-usapan tag palagi ang Xfactor kaloka

  5. Henry Chuailou says:

    This is so hurt for Maria again he don’t choose her

  6. jingky jingky says:

    Mahirap sa filipino mga talentado kaso mga tanga lng

    1. jingky jingky says:

      Tingnan mo ang pagmumukha mo kumpara sa mukha ko sino ang mukhang idiot umyos ka baka papahanap kita papatay kita

    2. Fe Bergmann says:

      jingky domile … at para sa akin,ikaw naman ay “IDIOT”!!!

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