Most Expensive VISA of My Life! UK Visa For Indians in 2 weeks

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Most Expensive Visa of My Life as compared to Canadian, US & Shengen Visa. UK Visa can even cost up to Rs. 85,000


Vlogging Gear:-
360 Camera: (India) (US)
Camera Lens: (India) (US)
Tripod: (India) (US)
Lav Mic: (India) (US)
Vlogging Mic: (India) (USA)

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Jarico – Landscape (Vlog No Copyright Music)

15 thoughts on “Most Expensive VISA of My Life! UK Visa For Indians in 2 weeks”

  1. Singh in USA says:

    Also I meant £1.37 /minute at 8:14
    UK VISA Vlog (My Journey):

    1. abrar rajput says:

      Good bro

    2. abrar rajput says:

      Great bro

    3. Singh in USA says:

      @Kartik Kher Sure bro. Please email me. Would love to meet you

    4. ĆREED CRUZGunshot says:

      Hello Harnoor great videos man
      Keep up da good work🔥

  2. anurag sagar says:

    Sir is their any way I could talk to you personally I just want a detailed knowledge it would be very thankful of you if you could help me in the process because I really need your help in this I am a student and want to work outside India as you are experienced so please help me sir it would be very thankful

  3. amazing s gamer12345 says:

    Hurnoor…whats are the expences of medical undergrad in usa…? U make a vlog abt medical students… plz

  4. Gaggan Yadav says:

    Bhai tu use to mac krta h

    1. Singh in USA says:

      I use both

  5. manikanta rapolu says:

    Thank you

  6. Nepali tech says:

    Now Singh in UK haha love you from NEPAl

  7. Kalyan Bhosle says:

    In which university you are doing masters degree? What is the name of university?

  8. YouTube Template says:

    NyC information ✔

  9. naz entertainmant says:

    Hit like whos passport is clean without any visa stamp😜

  10. yash patil says:

    Which visa easy Germany or USA.

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