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  1. Visa and Immigration Updates says:

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    1. Starga Stochmol says:

      Chris Sheriff What is the answer then?
      Its a fallacy that each country in Europe needs more people .
      Chief reason for Brexit and only reason is the influx from eastern Europe .
      Last year I read migration into UK from UE fell to all time low of 76000,while from the rest of the world rose to an all time high of 246000 .
      The answer is to train your own people ,to invest in your own people .
      To train your own doctors nurses teachers etc .
      Bringing people from outside is not the answer .
      UK is a tiny country and Brittons need to open their eyes ,and see that UK is not Russia with its huge land mass ,but a tiny island already overpopulated with people .
      Gone is the day of greatness .

    2. Chris Sheriff says:

      +Starga Stochmol some of the facts you mentioned are true but Immigration cut is not the answer!

    3. Starga Stochmol says:

      Immigration Update by Arsi Shay Productions Small overpopulated country should be closed to all immigrants period .
      UK tad bit smaller than Poland has over 65 million people compare to 38 in Poland .
      UK has only 40% arable that Poland has .
      Not even self sufficient in food production .
      All UK has is the over values pound based on a scam .
      UK is scamming the world with its,inflated value of the pound .
      Give it 50 years and the scam will collapse and UK will have to earn its keep like every other country must .
      Time of reckoning is coming for the UK ,who only lives off financial scams it sells to the world .

  2. dapper patto says:

    UK is SHUT go else where please closed for business 🙂

  3. Aurelia Thompson says:

    So if a husband is there 4 years now on residence permit can his wife and kids join him now under new rules?

  4. kevin Harrison says:

    What’s the rule change, let more in? Putting ghastly racism aside, its the huge numbers coming in that is disturbing so many natives.

  5. Habibullah Din says:

    Why HO making so hard to be with your wife or husband and own blood child? Why spouse visa requirements so hard ? Only UK has very tight rules for spouse the rest world easy to be with spouse and children

  6. Christian Boyker says:

    How can I apply for scholarships or student visa am in Africa like Sierra Leone.

  7. Shaheen Javed says:

    “Let me tell you the truth” of spouse that come from other countries especially Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh,
    They lie about their partners torture and abuse they create dramatic abuse some even hit them selves and lie their partner has hit them, just to get visa and house,money every thing very very easy every thing on plate for them I have witnessed 5 cases since last year so who ever is thinking to call their spouses from other countries be aware they come with a very very filthy mind just to get everything on plate!!! Especially woman that come from other countries use the “ abuse advantages”!!!

    1. Stuart Gibson says:

      The criminals try to make you believe that they can offer you something very easily, such as a visa for the UK, or that there is a problem with your application or visa.

      They will try to make themselves seem very genuine and may use language that sounds official. They may already seem to know something about you, such as your name and address, or that you have applied for a visa. Then they ask you for money or for your personal information.

  8. Hashmi Qureshi says:

    India opening citizenship for Afghanistan in 2019.
    India required 2 lack Afghani labour.

    Afghani Apply immediately.

    1. Stuart Gibson says:

      are you an agent?

  9. Fatima Irfan says:

    That robot voice is bloody annoying

    1. Stuart Gibson says:

      hahhaa… i dindt even notice.. too busy in getting to know what the real information is….

  10. p cha says:

    Immigrants taking all british jobs right?. Well all the lazy dumb unemployed benefit brits can now take up those positions previously occupied by foreigners. You can now work in the NHS as a doctor, nurse, in restaurants with those long unsociable hours, in construction block paving and all those other jobs that seemed so unattractive and taken up by foreigners. No need to stay on benefits anymore and live of the state, whilst blaming others for your own situation. Now there are vacancies and opportunities to take back what was rightfully yours right?!!. RIGHT??!!!.. so you can get off your lazy benefit scrounging asses and work again.. you are educated and able to do those jobs though right?.. good for you!.

    1. Stuart Gibson says:

      Britain has a problem: It wants fewer immigrants, but its economy desperately needs more.

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