Top 6 Photo Spots Universal Studios | Nix Top Six Party Time Excellent

Nikki hijacks Rix Top Six countdown of best photo spots at Universal Orlando.

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Don’t want to spend more money for a Universal Orlando Photo pass? We’ve got you covered, here are are top six photo spots at Universal Studios Orlando and you even need the Universal Orlando Photo Pass. Why do we do a Top 6 countdown? Why not a Top 5 countdown or a Top 10 countdown? Well, we are just too ambitious to only do a Top 5 countdown but way to lazy to do a Top 10 countdown. LOL. What are the best Universal photo spots, well I can’t put that in the description…you need to watch the video to find out. But seriously, when you think of Universal Orlando best tips and tricks, the best photo spots really should be considered. And as a bonus we toss in a couple instagram picture ideas. Hopefully this theme park vlog will provide you some great vacation ideas and some fun vacation spots and you can add this to your list of Universal Orlando hacks.

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18 thoughts on “Top 6 Photo Spots Universal Studios | Nix Top Six Party Time Excellent”

  1. Rix Flix says:

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  2. Randell Rubia says:

    Great job Nikki

  3. Jukandral Lewis says:

    Can you go through the wall if you don’t have a park hopper? I didn’t wanna ride the train I just wanna get a picture going through the wall.

    1. Rix Flix says:

      No, they scan your park ticket at the very beginning to the entrance to the train station.

  4. Ian Baldwin says:

    Great video, some great ideas to make some great iconic pictures even better.

  5. T B says:

    I would like a top 6 photo spots in diagon alley

    1. Rix Flix says:

      That is planned, for sure.

  6. Debbie Harvey says:

    You need to take Nikki to the warner Bros studio tour London she would love it as a Harry Potter fan 😉

    1. Rix Flix says:

      I know she would! She loves HP and the Royals….she would love a trip to London.

  7. Larry Ganz says:

    We’re Here till Sunday!!!

    1. Larry Ganz says:

      Rix Flix we’ll also be hitting Diagon alley and then Hogsmead in the AM, but we’re going to hit The Mummy ride on our way first. Not sure where we’ll eat, either at The Royal Pacific unless the leaky cauldron has breakfast and you recommend it.

    2. Rix Flix says:

      We’ll be in Diagon Alley first then Hogsmeade after, just a Harry Potter stuff tomorrow.

  8. Jaye Roxburgh says:

    So glad Nikki took up my nik’s top six – we need more!

    1. Rix Flix says:

      I agree, more Nikki!

  9. Allison Rodriguez says:

    Love ur videos they have been very helpful when my family and I plan a Trip to Universal studios Orlando Florida and I was wondering if u can do a video for people who have never been or plan to stay in a resort near the theme parks and what are some tips you guys suggest ???

    1. Rix Flix says:

      Thank you, I do have that video idea on my master spreadsheet of video ideas.

  10. Kelly Thompson says:

    That was such a fun video! You guys are just so cute! Thanks for sharing with us again!

    1. Rix Flix says:

      Thanks Kelly. We have another photo spot video planned.

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