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  1. Dilip Reddy says:


  2. Account Deleted says:

    My girlfriend is from uk
    After getting married with her
    Can i come to uk ??
    She is from the she is uk citizen

    And i have one more question
    After getting married to her
    Do i have to show my income and all ??
    Or j can go to uk without any problems???

  3. Mamadou Bendanloue says:

    What about the unlawfully deportation. I was wrongly removed. When I was UNLAWFUL Detained none of the ever custodian officers call me to my family friends. 5 years. Colnbrook IRC to Heathrow Airport. Air France to Africa. Home office ask Paul Abegni. Thanks reading my follow innocent deportees. UK human right. 27th November 2014 was my day in the UK. Morton Hall IRC, Colnbrook IRC why? From me in Ghana Mr Mamadou Bendaloue. Tel,: 00233500506761

  4. Afghan Top says:

    Hello dear thanks for your update vedio. If some one devorce 2019 does she or he apply for 5 years visa or settlement ? Please can advice me regarding this issue

  5. الدال على الخير says:

    What about an illegal migrant who have been in uk for 10 years are there any news for us !

    1. الدال على الخير says:

      +Visa and Immigration Updates thank you bro 👍

    2. Visa and Immigration Updates says:

      We will be updating very soon.

  6. Ahmad Zadran says:

    How about for illegal immigration the staying in uk 🇬🇧 in more than 10 years ✌️✌️✌️🇦🇫🇦🇫👍👍

    1. الدال على الخير says:

      Same question !

  7. ali zahid says:

    Any for overstayers and illegal who’s stay here 15 yers 5 years tax payed ???

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