This video is related to fraud in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, South Africa, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and many others country like listed above. kindly watch the video and be aware of this kind of peoples.

Visa on done base UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Turkey, Malaysia, Australia, Azerbaijan etc. Payment after reach…


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4 thoughts on “Visa on done base UK, USA, Canada, Schengen, Turkey & Azerbaijan”

  1. Mohammed Muntaj Ali says:

    You talking N.Moti he is an open Anti Muslim,they came power by back door n favouritism….where is the HONESTY U TAKING SO …..FRAUD IS PREVALENT IN INDIA DON’T PRAISE THE HYPOCRATES.

    1. Mohammed Muntaj Ali says:

      +My Travel Diary Y relax don’t exaggerate ability of Narendra Moti that chair he sit on is not everlasting.Wo dood ka dhowana nahi hai

    2. My Travel Diary says:

      Relaxe brother

  2. Muhammad Adnan says:

    Nice video sir g

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